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    “There is a black which is old and a black which is fresh. Lustrous black and dull black, black in sunlight and black in shadow"Ad Reinhardt For the past year I have been working on a collection of drawings for my own solo exhibition this spring. The official publications will follow sometime after this post but I thought a sentimental explanation of … Read more
  • +/- An Exhibition on Negative Space
    Plus/Minus is an exhibition on the introspective expression of negative space with work created by emerging Southern California based artists.  Negative space stands perspective on its head. Personal ideas take shape not only within the context of an art piece, but also in the absence of material in an art piece. Negative space, can be compared to the blank spots in each … Read more
  • A Note on Censorship
    Earlier this year I collaborated with a group of artists to create an installation on censorship within the history of Chinese legislature. We emphasized the culture's orbit around calligraphy, where it is more than a learned skill, but quite often a tool of power, control, and social mobility. As most things of value tend to be the process was slow. It relied … Read more
  • Art of Soul! at the NAAMCC, Ohio
    This weekend past, I had the pleasure of participating in the annual Juried exhibition, Art of Soul!, at the National Afro-American Museum and Cultural Center, in Wilberforce, OH. Neighboring two HBCUs, this was a wild trip and a weekend that I doubt I will ever forget.
  • Comic Con 2018
    RDK[+]Creator is conveniently located in San Diego, CA,  home of the one of the world's largest annual comic conventions, San Diego ComicCon! As an Artist and Marvel Comics fan, Kimberly Heard has attended the event multiple times. Check out the Gallery below for exciting (and embarrassing) photos of her and her friends at ComicCon2018, or follow us on Instagram! [video width="640" height="1062" … Read more