+/- An Exhibition on Negative Space

Plus/Minus is an exhibition on the introspective expression of negative space with work created by emerging Southern California based artists. 

Negative space stands perspective on its head. Personal ideas take shape not only within the context of an art piece, but also in the absence of material in an art piece. Negative space, can be compared to the blank spots in each of our own experiences in relation to those around us. The morphing of perspective can be compared to the morphing of shapes and images in art. In this exhibition the artists will be discussing the ways that art can approach social delineation and personal perspective through the use of space. Every person has a different life experience, a different reality, and a different perspective. By looking between the lines, at the shapes our ideas take, and at the places they find blank, a person can find what they need to learn. 

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Here/After at UCSD University Art Gallery

A collection of work by the 2019 undergraduate seniors is currently being exhibited and a recent pics of mine is on display. If you have time and will be in La Jolla, CA between May 28 and June 16, 2019 be sure to stop by and check out the show. I’d love to see you there!

For more information, use the Facebook events link here.